Other works and musical collaborations of Jose Angel Navarro

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New album in production

"Labyrinth" is the new album in production by Jose Angel Navarro. This album expects to be released at the end of this year and will appear in all of music distribution networks early next year. A new album with original compositions moving on styles of music like Cool Jazz and Afro Jazz. "Imperceptible" is one of the songs on this new record production. 

  1. Imperceptible master Jose Angel Navarro 06:47
  2. Dragon-fly master 04:26


Now using Gibson

Jose Angel Navarro recorded his new album using the prestigious guitar brand Gibson. The name of this new album is: "ACROSS THE MILKY WAY"... Another eclectic album, which moves between musical genres from jazz and folk, including a rich dose of Afro-Cuban percussion and concepts. Already on CD Baby, iTunes, Pandora, Rhapsody and other websites.

Across the Milky Way

Album for sale on CD Baby and other sites

"Sleeping with Six Strings" is the name of the new album already finished by Jose Angel Navarro. This album is on CD Baby, iTunes, Rhapsody, Pandora, Amazon and other sites. A musical production to resume styles of music such as folk, jazz fusion and new age, where Navarro reuses his personal way to express his musical interests. Jazz lovers will be pleased with this new musical project of Jose Angel Navarro.

Sleeping with Six Strings

Sleeping with Six Strings


Album NEXT

NEXT is a finished disc in the last February 2015 with some collaborations of excellent musicians. This album is already released and ready to buy on CD Baby, iTunes and other websites. In this album Angel is shown in all his aspects in relation to different styles of music with the use of electric guitars, acoustic steel strings and the traditional classical guitar. NEXT is an invitation for lovers of Jazz fusion, cool jazz and music to enjoy in general. 

Album All Love

ALL LOVE is a finished disc in the last November 2015. This album is ready to buy on CD Baby, iTunes and other websites. This is an album created for meditation and prayer. This album is "Spiritual Food" to support our faith and liaise with the "Sky".

Guitar lessons at Encore Music Academy

Jose Angel Navarro is a member of the music teachers of encore Academy of the Arts and Encore Music Academy located in Miami, Florida, USA. With a professional music teachers this academy is offering a lot of music lessons including many musical instruments without exception age. This academy has a flexible and ajustable schedule for each student interested and the guitar lessons are offered weekdays including Saturdays. The standards schedule are: Monday to Friday 2:00 PM - 8:00 PM and Saturday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM. If you have interest to learn this friendly instrument just call us at 786.580.3812 or visit the website  and you will never forget this decision to study a musical instrument. Please, feel free to read more about our professional staff

XV Guitar International Festival in Costa Rica

Jose Angel Navarro was playing at National Theater in Costa Rica under the XV Guitar International Festival sharing with famous musicians such as Mike Stern, Jorge Luis Zamora, Rafael Andujar, Berta Rojas, Manuel Barbosa Lima among others. With this XV Festival means a total of 18 Guitar International Festivals in which Jose Angel Navarro participates as a master and special guest. This Festival brings together guitarists around the world and it extends for a week where the guitar is the star of the National Theater in Cost Rica.

National Theater in Costa Rica