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_ 3D Fiction (www.3dfiction.com). Excellent designer among the best.

_ Acoustic Guitar. www.bostonphoenix.com. Reviews and features.

_ Acoustic Guitar. About Liberalquino and Navarro.

_ www.cdbaby.com. My Metal Heart and Heavenly Dreams with CD Baby.

_ www.wsvn.com. Interview in 7 News about royalties.

_ www.deliophotostudio.com. Delio Regueral, among the best photographer.

_ www.amazon.com. Buy the CD MIEL here.

_ www.dlacygallery.com. Good friend and amazing painter.

_ www.festivalguitarra.com. Guitar International Festival in Costa Rica.

_ El Arrullo (www.ahora-tyo.com). My music in Japan.

_ CIAO!. (www.cd.ciao.co.uk). About Miel.

_ www.artistdirect.com. I recorded the guitar on the Rojitas CD Tierra Santa.

_ www.allmusic.com. Buy Mano con Fusa CD and Miel CD.

_ www.artistdirect.com. About my albums.

_ www.buy.com. You can buy the CD MIEL.

_ www.myspace.com/joseangelnavarro

_ www.handsofcolibri.com

_ www.jorgeluis.com. A good friend and amazing luthier and guitar maker.

_ www.mytvstationonline.com. A cybernetic broadcast for everybody.

www.kenparkerarchtops.com. Among the best luthiers worldwide.

_ www.twitter.com. A good way to keep in touch

_ Ashe record distributed my CD MEIL

_ Le Clique, Stu's website, good friend and great promotor

_ Jose Angel Navarro en Linkedin. Only for professionals.

_ Latin World Talent. A company taking care of the real art..

_ Persistent Management. Navarro's personal manager.

_ Good site for guitar lovers. www.guitarristaonline.es

_ The new album "A test for the Soul" in CD Baby

_ Encore Music Academy
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